Are you confused about how to register and use your new Kindle? Do you know how to find free books? We have the answers for you at QPL.   It’s as easy as following the links to website videos.  If you’re still confused, come into the library and we will help you.

Are you merely curious about how ereaders work?  We can demonstrate their use and let you try out a Kindle3.

Have you decided which ereader to purchase?  Here’s a link to an article describing and comparing ereaders.

Types of Kindle ereaders

Menu with Settings highlighted

Some Kindles have built-in 3G, others depend on a wi-fi connection.  If your Kindle is not 3G, then you must find a wireless spot to register and to purchase books.  We have a spot here at the library.  The following Kindles have built-in 3G:  The Kindle Touch 3G, the Kindle 3G and the Kindle DX.  If you don’t have an ereader, and have decided on a Kindle, go HERE to make your decision.

Register your Kindle

To register your Kindle, first press the Home button, then press the Menu button.  Next, using the 5-way controller, scroll down to Settings.  Press the center button of the controller and the Settings page will appear.

The settings page has a Registration menu.  Watch this video to learn how to register your kindle.

Select free books at top right

Free Books!

You can find free books by pressing the menu button, press Shop in Kindle Store, scroll to Kindle Best Sellers and press the center of the 5-way controller.  Look at the top of the page, you will see Top 100 Free.  Scroll up and over to select the free books and start shopping.

Two other great sources for free books are: and More resources are available from our Free eBooks page.