Know Your Neighbor: Sharon Nicholson

By Kathy Còrdova

from The Taos News

Happy belated birthday, Questa Public Library. In addition to a message on the library’s electric sign board and refreshments at the facility on Tuesday, Jan. 19 (the date of the library’s opening eight years ago), Library Director Sharon Nicholson celebrated the occasion by sharing information about the library during a recent interview.

“I’m sharing the library’s unique story so that people will know our offerings and activities. We may be young, but we’ve grown a great deal and have a special richness within our wonderful community,” said Sharon Nicholson.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.03.17 PM

Sharon Nicholson, director of Questa Public Library, photographed Monday (Feb. 8). Katharine Egli

Q: Please discuss the Questa Public Library from the early years to present.

A: When the library started, the materials were mostly donated. Today, the program exists through the receipt of Go Bond funds, grants and resources from the village of Questa. The Friends of the Library is our fundraising arm. We also enjoy the work of an active advisory board. The library has a number of faithful volunteers. There are six regular volunteers and another 10 always available as needed. The library can’t function without all of this valuable help. Read More »

View from Questa Library


The Library

The Questa Public Library provides open and equal access to diverse information and supports lifelong learning and reading as well as economic development for all citizens of the Village and surrounding communities.

The library creates a sense of place that reflects the culture of northern Taos County, welcomes the community, and inspires our citizens to learn and grow. In our challenging economic times, a Questa Public Library card provides free access this wide range of resources for adults, teens, and children. We invite all residents of northern Taos County to visit and use our facility.

New! Check out Digital Books!

Books and Audio for your computer, Kindle, iPad, etc.!

Books and Audio for your computer, Kindle, iPad, etc.!

A new resource for Questa Library patrons – download books to to your computer or handheld device for free! Using your Questa Library card, you can now check out books and music from home.

Get started right now. Go to this page, choose Questa Public Library and enter your library card number – that’s the number on the back of your card (with all those zeros). If you’ve lost your card, you can call the library at 575 586 2023 and we’ll look it up for you.

That’s it! Search and browse to see what’s available. Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout to finish the process (remember, it’s all free!).

Digital books will disappear from your device after two weeks. For helpful videos, go here.

QPL Children Have FUN on Saturday at the Library!

Kids' Fun at the Library!

Kids’ Fun at the Library!

One of the goals of QPL is expose the children in our area to the library, books, reading and storytelling.  We established a Saturday afternoon program that occurs on the first Saturday of each month to accomplish that goal.  Children ages 4-8 are invited to come and hear stories, and then they participate in some sort of activity related to the story.   A few of our activities have involved making  crown-shaped bookmarks, valentines, and spinning toys.

The children (and adults) attending the 1st Saturday Kids Fun program in March had a great time!  Our storyteller, Mario Archuleta, and our crafts angel, Tammy Arvila, helped us make magic name tags.  Then Mario told us a great story.  The boy in the story, Gibo, receives a very special birthday gift of a spinning button.  Mario showed us how to make the toy and  a specially folded envelope to keep it in.   Even Katie, age 3, was able to make her toy spin!  How wonderful to have these talented folks in our community share their time and talents with our children.

This program is made possible by volunteers.  Feel free to volunteer to read and/or tell stories here.  Just give us a call at 586-2023.

Halloween at the Library!

Wed., Oct. 31st

Bring an adult…costumes encouraged!

Spooky stories, tricky treats, and a free book*
for kids 1 to 8 years old!

*students of Alta Vista, pre-k thru 3rd grade will have received their free book and library card earlier, during their school  field trip to the library.

Thoughts on Retirement

New Dog

New Dog

After serving Questa for five years in the library, I have decided to hang up my due date stamps and say farewell. But you can’t get rid of me so easily. I will continue to volunteer, lead the Book Club, knit at Dropped Stitch (or Stitch and Bitch as some call it), and serve the Friends of QPL in grant writing.

I simply do not wish to have all the responsibility anymore and I have passed that on to Sharon Nicholson, who will do a stellar job. Alberta Bouyer has been hired to take Sharon’s place, and she will do a fine job as well.

Garden Planter

Garden Planter

I will continue to read, knit, garden, and clean my house instead of the library. There is a new dog at our house and I discovered that I enjoy being at home with the dogs and cats and my husband Andy, of course.

I will miss the people that I’ve come to know over the years. I hope to see you all when I’m at the library, or the post office. I promise to visit the village office occasionally, as I will truly miss the village people who work there. The Mayor has given the library tremendous support over the years and I credit her for its existence.



Credit also goes to all the faithful library patrons. Its success is due to your patronage. Programs that are popular have been suggested by patrons. Books and movies have been purchased due to your requests. Keep telling the librarians and volunteers what you would like to read or programs that you would like to participate in so the library can continue to move forward.

Another Garden Planter

Another Garden Planter

Due to your patronage, the library needs to grow and expand. My next task is to find the money to help the library grow. If you have some spare change, please donate to the Friends of QPL so we can work on expansion.

Wait, I thought I was retiring!

Anatomy of a Sock…or the Road to Compulsive Sock Knitting

Mine has been a life of dabbling in crafts.  Usually I attack a craft long before it becomes popular…or appears in a kit.  Like doing decoupage when it was necessary to apply one coat of varnish a day for 30 days, taking care to rub thoroughly with steel wool between coats to achieve the perfectly clear, dust-free finish that gives decoupage its depth of finish.  And then came modpodge…just slap it on and you’re done! Now what fun is that?

Anyway…I have been knitting for years.  I have knitted hats, scarves, vests, sweaters, egg cozies, afghans, and more hats.  No shortcuts here, just a life of knit and purl.  Well, when I found out Linn was knitting socks and helping others in the “Dropped Stitch” group knit socks, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to join in! In my mind, knitting socks had always looked too difficult to try! (Too difficult for someone who could do 30 coats of varnish, etc.) So I jumped right in.

Linn's Socks

Struggling for hours to use the double point needles (like knitting with 4 or 5 overlong toothpicks) I completed the ribbed cuff of the first sock.  With a lot of knit, rip out, knit, rip out, and so on.  Next came “turning the heel” which is a bit of magic when done properly.  My first, second, and third attempts were

less than magic, but I finally got it.  The next sock was too tight, the next WAY too big.  Finally, an acceptable pair of socks!  I was so proud.  Even if it did take knitting 6 socks to get the first pair, I could consider myself a knitter of socks.  And I am on pair #3.  Wonderful!

But then I realized there was more than one way to knit socks.  Knit them starting at the cuff, knit them from the toe up, knit them two at a time…so I guess I will have to try them all.  But first, where will I find the yarn?

Our youngest Dropped Stitch member

Now that’s another story…did I tell you about my search for yarn…?

Did you get a new Kindle for Christmas?



Are you confused about how to register and use your new Kindle? Do you know how to find free books? We have the answers for you at QPL.   It’s as easy as following the links to website videos.  If you’re still confused, come into the library and we will help you.

Are you merely curious about how ereaders work?  We can demonstrate their use and let you try out a Kindle3.

Have you decided which ereader to purchase?  Here’s a link to an article describing and comparing ereaders.

Types of Kindle ereaders

Menu with Settings highlighted

Some Kindles have built-in 3G, others depend on a wi-fi connection.  If your Kindle is not 3G, then you must find a wireless spot to register and to purchase books.  We have a spot here at the library.  The following Kindles have built-in 3G:  The Kindle Touch 3G, the Kindle 3G and the Kindle DX.  If you don’t have an ereader, and have decided on a Kindle, go HERE to make your decision.

Register your Kindle

To register your Kindle, first press the Home button, then press the Menu button.  Next, using the 5-way controller, scroll down to Settings.  Press the center button of the controller and the Settings page will appear.

The settings page has a Registration menu.  Watch this video to learn how to register your kindle.

Select free books at top right

Free Books!

You can find free books by pressing the menu button, press Shop in Kindle Store, scroll to Kindle Best Sellers and press the center of the 5-way controller.  Look at the top of the page, you will see Top 100 Free.  Scroll up and over to select the free books and start shopping.

Two other great sources for free books are: and More resources are available from our Free eBooks page.

2012 Book Lover’s Desk Calendars on sale!

Book Lover's Calendar for 2012

Book Lover's Calendar for 2012

The Friends of Questa Public Library invite all book lovers to purchase a calendar. The Book Lover’s Calendar lists a book each day of the year.   You’re sure to find a book that you would enjoy reading.

They are on sale for only $10!  These calendars make wonderful gifts.  Take advantage of the sale and buy one for another book lover.  There aren’t many left, so you’ll want to buy before they’re gone!